SPRING, A Perfect Time to DETOX!

May 4, 2019

We are under constant assault by harmful toxins, year around!!

Because our bodies are overworked, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the mandatory cleaning of our house (body) for optimal functioning.

However, we can make a conscious effort to allow the body to rebalance and, “clean up” unwanted debris that may affecting many bodily systems. Spring is an excellent time to cleanse the body, as it’s a natural time for growth and renewal. After the long winter months of staying indoors, being in “storage” mode, eating, and not moving as much, it’s now time to step out, and clean house!

The Benefits of Detoxing the Body

A release of waste from the body – Toxins trapped in the cells of the body will be washed away through one of the body’s elimination systems (skin, kidneys, lymph, lungs, liver, and, bowels)

Supports a robust immune system The immune system is given a boost when there is less stress to mitigate harmful toxins circulation the body’s systems.

Clearer Thinking less toxins circulating in the brain,  leads to sharp clear thoughts, and less headaches too.

Improved Skin Inflammation in the body will often times show up as acne or other skin issues.  Reducing toxins in the body reduces inflammation, which reduces angry skin outbursts.

Increased Energywhen the body is clear of toxic build up, all systems work properly and require less energy to function, leading to more expendable energy.

Simple ways to detox for better health

HydrateDrink plenty of CLEAN water everyday.  To alkalize the body first thing in the am, add fresh lemon juice to your morning water. Also, drinking tea is a great way to stay hydrated, and it adds antioxidants, which are important for detoxing the body. 

Eat Raw Fruit and Veggies – Consuming raw fruits and veggies will ensure plenty of enzymes to help break down the foods we eat for better nutrient absorption. 

Move Your Body Movement encourages better circulation in blood and lymph, this leads to more elimination of toxins.

Sweat Sitting in a sauna or doing hot yoga are two great ways to find relaxation and detoxification together.  Sweating is an important avenue of elimination.

Exfoliate Skin brushing and massage therapy are two wonderful ways to remove toxins directly from the skin, and to stimulate circulation for further elimination.

SleepIt goes without saying that sleep is very important to every process within the body.  Its nearly impossible to adequately eliminate toxins if our body is worn out and tired.  Make sleep a priority to support health!

Breathe, Smile, and Laugh as much as Possible!! Happy people are healthy people.

Common Symptoms of Detoxing

  1. Skin breakouts/rash
  2. Gas/bloating
  3. Brain Fog
  4. Low Energy
  5. Headaches
  6. Constipation /Diarrhea
  7. Sugar cravings 

Remember that its common to feel uncomfortable while detoxing due to an increase in toxins circulating the body, before elimination.  Each person is different, and the levels of toxicity are also different. 

Regardless if your symptoms are extreme or barely noticeable, this is temporary.  As the body rids itself of excess waste, energy levels and an overall sense of well-being will return.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and take good care of yourself to speed up the process of getting through the unpleasant side effects of detoxing. 

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