• Holistic Health Denver


New Patient Appointment $325

This is where all new patients begin. During this time together Dr. Francesca Quinn will do a very thorough intake and history and look for the root cause of imbalance in a person’s body. Testing to confirm suspicions will be discussed and planned out. And then the first phases of the treatment plan will be initiated. This will include dietary modification to support healing in the body, appropriate herbal and vitamin supplementation, and any pertinent lifestyle changes (ie. Meditation, going to bed early, beginning an appropriate exercise routine, etc).

Follow-Up Appointments: $225

This is where we assess how the treatment plan is going, the changes that you are experiencing, and make needed and appropriate modifications to the plan.

Acupuncture: $125

Nutritional Coaching: $125 per session

Testing Available:

**note: testing is only available to established patients

  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Heavy Metal and other toxicant testing
  • Full Nutritional Analysis
  • Gut Microbiome Assessment: this can be done through urine, blood, or stool testing
  • Genetic Analysis: for MTHFR, or analysis of 23andme results