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New Patient Appointment $450

During your first appointment, we’ll do a thorough intake and health history, looking for the root cause of imbalance in your body. We’ll discuss what testing might be needed, what steps you can do to start feeling better right away and determine an initial treatment plan. This might include dietary modifications, herbal and vitamin supplementation support, lifestyle changes and more.

New Patient appointments are 75 minutes long.

Follow-Up Appointments: $350 (these are done once per month for approximately 6 months)

This is where we assess how the treatment plan is going, the changes you’re experiencing and make needed and appropriate modifications to the plan.

Follow up appointments are 30-45 minutes

We do not charge by the minute. If appointments run long or short, the cost is the same.

Additional Added Value/Support:

  • All patients will receive access to a 16 week online educational program to further the benefit that they get out of their monthly appointments, a recipe book to help with healthy eating inspiration (others available as needed), a once per month BEMER or Ionic Foot bath session with their in person follow up appointment 

Other services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Testing*:
    • Food Allergies
    • Heavy Metal and other toxicants
    • Full Nutritional Analysis
    • Gut Microbiome Assessment
    • Genetic Analysis

*note: testing is only available to established patients

Vitamins, minerals and supplements
Prices will vary but we recommend anticipating up to $200 per month on average.

Ready to get started?

Please note: insurance does not currently cover naturopathic care in the state of Colorado. However, you may use your HSA or FLEX account for these services.