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B12- Hydroxocobalamin


Intensive Nutrition’s B12 formula contains hydroxocobalamin, a B12 that stays in the body longer than any other form. Vitamin B12 ingested orally is unstable, but our Vitamin B12 hydroxo is designed to be place in the side of the mouth and left to dissolve before swallowed. This method of delivery supports better absorption and therefore bioavailability of B12. In addition, beta-cyclodextrin added acts as an additional carrier, and, in and of itself supports healthy plaque regulation and healthy responses to inflammation.



  • Description


    Intensive Nutrition/Scientific Counseling.

    Servings Per Container: 60

    Directions: 3-6 tablets dissolved under the tongue by your health professional

    Serving Size: One (1) tablet

    One Table contains:
    Vitamin B-12 …1000mcg / 16, 666 DV%
    (as Hydroxycobalamin)

    (*) Daily Value not established

    Sorbitol, Betacyclodextrin, Magnesium Stearate

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