Getting Clear for the New Year

December 31, 2020

I think we all agree that 2020 cannot be in the rear-view soon enough! 

Getting Clear for the New Year

With that being said, lets look to the end of the year as a time to reflect, and set bright intentions for 2021. Beyond eating healthy food, exercising more, and getting on a sound sleep schedule, what can we do to make the upcoming year the best yet? There are lots of pieces to the puzzle, but one thing is certain…STRESS tops the list of things that needs to be managed to truly be healthy. 

It goes without saying that almost everyone is dealing with a much higher dose of STRESS now! Of course, susceptibility to stress varies from person to person, but make no mistake, the body is depleted both physically and mentally due to be out of control modern day epidemic. It’s been said that stress plays a part in 75% or more of human diseases.

Making 2021 a Happy and Healthy Year!!!

1. Find Stillness Each Day

Meditation, a warm bath, 5 minutes of quiet time during a work break, a midday walk…whatever it is, we must find places and times to reconnect with ourselves to reverse the side effects of the flight or flight response that many of us live in day in and day out.

2. Have a Gratitude Practice, Daily

Simply writing down (or typing into notes on the phone) things you are grateful for will redirect your mind to be present, and to find peace in the good things in life.  All it takes is one thought to move your mind to peace and calm, or anxiety in the other direction. 

3. Smile More

How much power does the body have over the mind? When all else fails, the simple act of putting a big smile on your face will help the body and mind redirect. 

4. Start the Day Off RIGHT

It’s been said that as many as 72% of us reach for our phones even before getting out of bed in the morning.  While many phones are used for an alarm, it’s best to keep the device out of the sleeping area.  Instead of reaching directly for a phone, spending just 30 seconds to set your intention for the day will have dramatic effects on the mood. 

We could list many action steps to help reduce the stress in our lives for a better, brighter 2021. 

For the greatest impact, remember that simplicity, and small steps that are practiced daily will serve you well. Pick one, two, or all four suggestions to see what a difference it makes in even one month. 

Happy New Year!

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