• About Dr. Francesca Quinn ND


About Vitality Natural Medicine:

Vitality Natural Medicine is a holistic health care center that is 100% focused upon finding the root cause of your health concerns and getting you feeling back to yourself again. That is who we are and what we do. It is our core belief and knowing that the body will be healthy if there is nothing obstructing its ability to do so. So we find what is obstructing health and clear it up.

When working with patients we take a very thorough history looking for all of the potential insults to health. We run extremely thorough testing- thorough blood and everything else, to find the imbalances in your body. And then we use diet, herbal therapies, vitamins, acupuncture, mind/body medicine, etc to rebalance the system.

About Dr. Francesca Quinn ND, Lac.:

Dr. Francesca Quinn started her studies Getting her BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Vermont in lovely Burlington, VT. She then studied massage therapy in the beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA. It was there that she was introduced to the field of naturopathic medicine and knew immediately that it was the path for her. She moved to Tempe, AZ and attended the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and loved it. In 2010 Dr. Quinn moved to Boulder, CO and set up her practice in Denver. In early 2018 she also completed her studies in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture and became a license acupuncturist. She is extremely passionate about health- both for herself and for all of her patients.

When not working with patients Dr. Quinn loves to play with her beautiful dog Jackson, and play with all of the Colorado sports: hiking, trail running, skiing, paddleboarding, etc. After a long and complex health journey of her own she is so grateful to wake up every day and feel good, and be able to enjoy these things that she loves. And she is dedicated to helping you do the same.