Finding Inner Peace in Difficult Times

June 30, 2020

Seems like 2020 is all about teaching us what’s important!

Finding Inner Peace in Difficult TimesWith all of the good things that will come from a global shift and slow down, the chaos of it all can certainly cause some internal instability.  How do we keep our “cool” and rely on our inner peace to help get us through tough times?   Self-care is top of the list for grounding, and bringing that peace we all seek.   So, what kinds of self-care are we talking about?  Read on to grab a few tips for feeling more at home and relaxed in your mind, and body.

Take Special Care Of Your Physical Health

Eat whole foods

Dump the box, bag and can!  Processed food doesn’t support a healthy body or mind.

Consistent sleep

Sleep is very important for a good day! Sleeping in a cool, dark room supports the best zzzzzz.

Limit alcohol.

Frequent cocktailing is an agitator that will compromise mental well being, as well as cause fatigue.  Being tired, and/or feelings of depression will difficult for most of us to deal with the next day.  Be mindful when consuming alcohol, and choose not to drink before bedtime.


Breaking a good sweat most days is a sure way to “reset” our thoughts!  Be sure to mix in leisurely walks or hobbies to pump up that calm feeling that results from physical movement.


Mediation may seem intimidating to some as they begin a new practice.  But, the truth is all you need to start a new routine is five minutes, and your breath.  Deep breathing is the simplest, and most effective way to relate to the mind, leading to a peaceful feeling.

Sure, working up to a longer practice will have even greater benefit, but today just begin by sitting quietly with your eyes closed, and deep breathing for a short time.  There is a common misunderstanding that some people feel “peace” right away, this is false!   Effective mediation takes patience, time, and consistency.

There are many apps and websites that will provide guided meditation, and more in depth information for building a productive practice.  The Headspace or Calm app are great starting points for the meditation newbie or seasoned Zen Master.

Indulge In Nature As Much As Possible

Numerous studies support the idea that nature reduces fear, anger, and stress.

We probably don’t need “studies” to tell us this, however it just more encouragement to get outside often.  Also, the therapeutic benefits of natural light (lowers depression, stress, boosts the immune system) have a direct influence on inner peace. If its not realistic to take a hike or sit in the sunshine on a daily basis, having a view from your desk that includes beautiful flowers, water, trees, mountains, rocks…anything that makes up nature, will be soothing to the soul.

Nature heals!

Incorporating just a few suggestions on a consistent basis will aid in cultivating a more secure and relaxed state of emotion, and well being. Reach out if you would like more suggestions, or support.  Get outside and enjoy a beautiful hike, with a delicious picnic, before retiring for a great nights sleep…you will be on your way to inner peace!

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