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    Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the visits?

In the new patient visit we will discuss your symptom picture, health history, and health goals very thoroughly. We will review all of your medications, vitamins, herbs, diet, exercise, etc.

At the end of that visit we will make recommendations for lab testing to help with getting to the root of your health concerns, and we will put together your initial treatment plan.  The plans are always a foundation of dietary therapy, vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, detoxification, etc., depending upon what is indicated for the person and for the case.

We then follow up approximately once per month for 4-12 months, or until the health goals have been achieved.

How much does the appointment cost?

The new patient visit is $450, and follow up visits are $350.

Will insurance cover this?

No, it most likely will not. Most insurance providers do not cover naturopathic care in the state of Colorado, so the fees are generally an out-of-pocket cost. You are welcome to use an HSA or Flex accounts, however

Are tests and supplements covered in the cost?

The fee is only for the medical consultation. We can get a wonderfully thorough blood panel covered with insurance, so that will not be any additional cost. Other testing would be an additional fee, as are the vitamins and herbs. 

What training do you have as a naturopathic doctor?

Dr. Francesca Quinn has a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College is Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. This is an accredited naturopathic medical school. She holds a naturopathic medical license in the state of Colorado as well as in the state of Arizona. She is also trained and licensed as an acupuncturist in the state of Colorado. 

Can you work with my other doctors?

Yes! Absolutely and gladly.