It is That Time of Year

September 4, 2019

It is that time of year

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end as we welcome back SCHOOL!

Most kids are already in school, but Labor Day seems to be the official sign of our leisurely time being behind us for some months ahead. As we settle into our fall routines, sometimes a reset is in order to take note of those habits that crept up while we indulged over the summer months.

A big dose of self-care that includes nutrition, exercise, and healthy sleep hygiene, are all part of the program. What are a few simple ways to ensure that the school year starts off on the right foot?

1: Make Meals Count

  • Begin the day with a well-balanced breakfast! Remember that juices pack alot of sugar just as a bowl of cereal may. Take time and plan your first meal of the day, it sets the tone for the entire afternoon and evening.
  • Lunches that are packed at home allow for more control over what we put in our mouth both in the type of food and quality.
  • Superfoods for breakfast and/or lunch may include: Avocado, fibrous veggies, eggs (if well tolerated), berries, nuts and beans.

2: Embrace “Joyful” Exercise

  • Structured sports practice is in full swing for the fall. But, don’t forget to mix up exercise, and take full advantage of the cooler weather to enjoy the outdoors.
  • A leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood or a hike with family is a great way to reduce stress, encourage social interaction, and to increase cardiovascular wellness. The exercise doesn’t have to take hours or involve lots of equipment, even getting outside on a 20 minute walk has profound effects on our health.

3: Good Sleep Is A Must

  • There is a correlation between good sleep and our ability to concentrate. Without focus, school is TOUGH!
  • Set a schedule for bedtime, and stick to it…even on the weekends.
  • Its suggested that kids between 7-12yrs of age get 9-11 hours of sleep, and teenagers need almost the same.
  • A low temperature room with darkened windows invites long and restful sleep.

We are happy to share more tips for meal ideas and sleep hygiene for the new season. Reach out to let us know how the school year is going, and if you need a few tips to encourage better nutrition and sleep hygiene.

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